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A Patient’s Perspective: HCV Viekira Pak
By: Marcus Hopkins, Blogger

In January of this year, the AIDS Crisis Task Force (Task Force) and AbbVie reached a landmark pricing agreement that offers their new Hepatitis C (HCV) treatment regimen, Viekira Pak, at a significantly lower cost for state and territory AIDS Drugs Assistance Programs (ADAPs). For last month’s research question for the HIV/HCV Co-Infection Watch Report, I asked every ADAP Director and Coordinator if this pricing agreement had caused their individual states to consider adding the regimen to their respective formularies.

I walked away from that first month of research with two observations:

  • Despite the pricing agreement, it is unlikely that a plurality of states will be adding Viekira Pak.
  • The communication process between researchers and Federally funded healthcare programs needs serious improvement.

CLICK HERE to read, A Patient’s Perspective: HCV Viekira Pak.

Black Market HIV/AIDS Drugs in the News, 2006 - 2013

The Partnership for Safe Medicines

The Community Access National Network (CANN) today announced that it is teaming up with the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) to better educate patients about the risks of counterfeit or black market HIV/AIDS medicines. Since 2006, eighty-two (82) individuals have been charged with selling adulterated, unapproved or black market medications prescribed for HIV or AIDS patients.

CLICK HERE to download, "Black Market HIV/AIDS Drugs in the News, 2006 - 2013"

National ADAP Working Group (NAWG)

Hepatitis: Education, Advocacy & Leadership (HEAL)

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